Friday, April 17, 2009

baby pics

While I was in Utah, a friend of the family took some pictures of Ally for her website and advertising purposes. Check out her blog for some examples:

(Ally is the second set...)

You can also check out her website Go to view your session and the password is allison for the whole group of pictures. Heather, you might recognize some of your awesome head wear...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Home again, but not for long...

Happy Easter!

Ally having an allergic reaction (I still don't know what caused it) at Hogle Zoo.

Ally's first ride in a swing.

visiting friends in Utah (do you recognize any of these people?)

Stout family

Ally with cousins.

Ally with her great-grandpa

and her other great-grandpa

My sister Susan and her friend the donkey at Custer State Park.
She (the sister, not the donkey) came out to stay for two weeks. We had a great time visting the local sights and playing with Ally. For the first time since Josh left in January I was able to shower alone, go out with friends, and have an adult (if an 18-year-old counts as adult) to talk to on a regular basis. Basically I had a wonderful 2 weeks. I then spent 3 weeks in Utah visiting family and friends. My entire clan of in-laws (minus Josh of course) was in town for Conference so they decided to get family pictures taken. I realised that Josh was the only one of 9 siblings missing from the pictures, even all 23 grand children made it, and started to cry. I will be the one with red eyes in all the family pictures =(.
I was able to go watch Conference in the Conference Center, which was very exciting. My sister Susan again stepped in and watched Ally so I could attend. It has been so nice to have someone that comfortable with my daughter that I can leave her for hours on end without worrying. Too bad she doesn't live closer...
My wonderful mother-in-law took me out to my favorite restaurant: Macaroni Grill! for a fabulous dinner before I left. The drive home was long but familiar. I have made that trek at least 20 times while living here. Ally was a great traveler and slept most of the day. It is nice to be home but lonely with no one around. I was saturated with family in Utah.
In ONE MONTH I head out to Georgia for Josh's graduation, followed by a cruise leaving the next day! After that, we will be packing, cleaning, and moving to North Dakota in June. The good news is that Josh will be stationary for ONE WHOLE YEAR. In the 6 years we have been married, he has never been home for a whole year in a row before. He is looking forward to spending time with his daughter and starting his new job, even if it is in North Dakota =)