Saturday, May 30, 2009


Look at those teeth!
Thanks Kira for the cute hat!

We finally got our orders 2 weeks before we are scheduled to arrive in Grand Forks. We have no choice now but to move ourselves because of the late notice, so we have been packing, cleaning, and trying to schedule everything that needs to happen between now and then, including vet appointments for the dogs, inspections for the house, reservations in TLF here and there, a moving truck, packing supplies, repairs, and people to help! Also because of the late notice, we have to kennel our dogs (at $42 per day!) until we get into a house, which could take up to 3 months since we were just put on the waiting list when we received our orders. Poor Josh has been running around like crazy trying to do everything in 2 weeks that he should have had 2 months to do.
We also recently learned that someone in MPF (the people in charge) wiped clean Josh's dream sheet (a list of places we would like to live) without his knowledge, just prior to assignments being given out at his school. So basically it looked like we had no preference where we wanted to live, so we were given North Dakota. Gotta love the Air Force. The worst part is, Josh has priority over most of the guys in his class because of his time in service, time in rank, and time on post, so he would most likely have gotten his top choice. I hope that someday I can look back on this time and laugh because right now I am just very frustrated.
I threw a baby shower for a friend today and only 2 people besides her family showed up. I really wanted her to have a good turn-out since this is her first baby and I know they could use some help getting everything. I put a lot of effort into her shower and invited lots of people and now I feel that it was basically a waste of time. I was very disappointed not to receive a shower from the people in my ward before I had Ally so I was trying to make sure the same thing didn't happen to her.
As I prepare to leave this area, I have been reflecting on my time here. I moved every 3-4 years growing up so I didn't think I would have any problems with the military lifestyle. I have now lived here for 6.5 years; the longest I have ever lived anywhere my whole life. As much as I disliked this area at first, I have grown to love it and now I hate to leave. So many big changes in my life have happened here and I have found some of the best friends I have ever had. This is where I spent the first few years of my married life, where I graduated from college, and where my daughter was born. This is where I learned what it truly means to be a military spouse by surviving 4 deployments and 11 TDY's. I will miss all my friends here who have helped me through those life changes and trying times.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ally and I flew out to Florida for Josh's graduation, then we celebrated by going on a cruise! Josh's brother and his wife joined us and we all had a great time!

Here is our little family, finally reunited!

This was the beautiful beach at Half Moon Cay, Bahamas. Our cruise ship is in the background. It was so big it had a few pools and a waterslide up on the deck. There were also over 200 cabins on my floor alone. We spent 2 days on the ship and 2 in the tropical paradise.

Every day we had a different towel animal. Ally liked to destroy them but I managed to get a picture before she ate this one's head. Ally made lots of friends on the ship. I had so many random people just stop me to say how cute she was. (I have to agree...)

Here is me getting my hair braided. It hurt a little but was totally worth it! Between swimming, sunning, snorkeling and just walking around in general, it was so nice not to have hair everywhere.

Josh and I fed sting rays. After I fed mine, the guy picked up the ray by his fins and it spit water in my face!

I just loved all the beautiful fragrant flowers all over the island. It was definitely a VACATION!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Yay for Yard Sales!

Friday and Saturday were the days of the annual Dakota Ridge yard sale. My good friend Heather =) offered her garage for me to sell some of my furniture before we move (in one month!!!) So I recruited some men (thanks men!) and loaded 2 TRUCKLOADS of things to sell. Now my house is empty and I have an extra $500 to play with, Yay! I only had 2 things to bring back home, even with Juli trying to sell them to every person who walked or drove past the driveway. Seriously she was taking things to people in their cars and pitching sales. Thanks Juli! p.s. do you want my credenza...?
On a sad note, my friend Sarah who has been here with me for 5 years, is moving tomorrow. She has been my gym buddy, my visiting teaching partner, my travel companion, my friend and my person I call when I need to talk. Thanks Sarah for all the good times and good luck in Colorado!
Happier topic: on Thursday I leave for Florida, my husband and my cruise! I can't wait for him to see Ally and how much she has grown since he left. I am so excited to go on an actual vacation and also to not be a single parent any more! Although, Josh coming home means that the countdown begins until we move and it makes me sad to think of all the good friends we will be leaving.
We have decided to move ourselves so I have been packing and cleaning all week. Ally is not much help. So many things to do!