Sunday, October 10, 2010

deployments are good for my marriage

Because we are being audited by the IRS (EEK!) Josh printed out his deployment information from his career so far in the military. He has been gone a total of 873 days! I get so many comments from people about how they would not survive if their husband was gone as much as mine (or at all), so I have compiled a list of reasons that separation is good for a relationship:

appreciation of spouse - I really notice all the things he had been doing around the house once he is gone, and all the things I no longer have to do when he comes back. I find myself saying "thank you" when he takes out the trash or changes a diaper. On the flip side, it is also very nice to be appreciated for all the things I do on a daily basis.

development of personal skills - hobbies to pass the time; I have coached sports, taken up sewing, canning, etc.

independence - knowing that I CAN do everything around the house that needs to be done. I can also set a routine and do things at my own pace.

friendships - the opportunity to spend time with other people and develop those relationships that are nice to have but are not a priority when he is around.

correspondence/communication higher priority - phone calls become very important and exciting to receive, so do emails and video chat. I find myself scheduling time to talk to him, or dropping what I'm doing when he calls; putting my marriage as a top priority, where it should be.

lack of controversy - it's difficult to argue with someone over something mundane when conversations are short and far apart. The time between conversations usually puts things in perspective.

timeframe for goals/resolutions - homecoming is a great end goal to work for. I lost all my baby weight during one separation period by setting a goal and working towards it.

career support - I show that I support my husband's career when I can build a life wherever he is stationed.

asking for help - on occasion, I have had to break down and ask for help. This is a very humbling experience, but it gives other people that chance to serve.

absence makes the heart grow fonder - while separations are difficult, there is no greater feeling than being reunited with the one you love!

Now I'm not saying I like having my husband gone. I definitely love having him around (most days!) but I don't fall to pieces being alone. I had a lot of practice being apart while we were friends, engaged, and since being married.

Monday, October 4, 2010

singing child

Just in case anyone missed this on facebook:

We live on a military base, which has a flag display by the gate. I explained to Ally about the United States of America and how each one has its own flag. I then started singing (because that's what I do in the car). I sang the national anthem and also the Pledge, which I learned working in a Preschool. Ally calls it the "flag song" and started requesting me to sing it every time we passed the flags. After a few times, she started singing it herself.

Along that patriotic note, the National Anthem is played daily through speakers all across the base. At 5PM if we are outside she will stand with her little hand over her heart until the music stops. I love it!

Ally turns 2!

My wonderful sweet girl turned 2 today! I am so blessed to be her mother.

Some of her favorite things:

reading books (like Elephant and Piggie)
going to the playground, especially the swings
fruit! She could eat fruit all day, raspberries in particular
snuggling with Mommy at bedtime
cooking (we make messes together)


count to 13
sing the Pledge of Allegiance (and many other songs)
spell her name
identify about half of the letters in the alphabet
identify all the colors
a great memory for names
using the potty (95% of the time)

My favorite things about her:

how she speaks in full sentences
when she says "I love you Mommy!"
singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider every time she sees a drainpipe
how she shares with other children
when she tries to say certain words, the "s" comes out her nose (h-nuggle for snuggle)
how much she loves her Daddy
that she has enough hair to put in pigtails
she changes word in songs to be funny (Twinkle twinkle...applesauce!)

I love my little girl!