Sunday, June 12, 2011

Stress of moving

I have always thought of myself as a 'bloom where you are planted' kind of person.  I moved a lot growing up and never really had an issue with finding new friends or adjusting to a different environment.  Life goes on about the same wherever I have lived.  We eat, sleep, go to school, work, and spend time with friends. 
As I have mentioned before, we are moving to Germany soon.  I like to think that I am pretty prepared for living overseas.  We requested this assignment, so obviously we want to live there.  I actually spent the majority of my childhood in Europe, so I am really looking forward to it.  Living overseas does not scare me one bit.  I have every intention of travelling, learning new languages and soaking up the culture. 
The difference is, that now I (instead of my parents) need to be responsible for organzing the house, scheduling dates, planning and packing, and finding a place to live.  The last one is really stressing me out.  I have heard horror stories of people waiting in a hotel for months and not being able to find a place to rent.  Living on-base is not even an option for us since the waiting list is so long, but I am especially worried about finding a place to rent that is close enough to the base that J won't have a super long commute and that allows pets.  I want a good neighborhood for my daughter and a place where she can start (hopefully German) preschool.  I don't know why I am letting it get to me so much since I really can't do anything about it until we are actually there. 
The best part about the whole situation is that my sister-in-law (who was a realtor in a previous life) and her family, have just moved to Germany as well.  They are stationed at a different base, but are close enough that we will have family to visit for holidays, etc.  Closer than we have ever lived to family since we have been married!  I have high hopes that she will give me all the information I need to make the transition smoothly, and possibly even scout out some homes for us. 
I really have not had an issue with anywhere else we have lived.  I have found jobs, finished college, and started a family while following my husband's career.  I am really looking forward to this next adventure, and I'm sure I will enjoy every minute, once I find a house!