Friday, July 23, 2010

Vegas Vacation!

at Excalibur for the Tournament of Kings
fountain show at the Bellagio

ready for a comedy show (Josh got called up on stage but I couldn't take pictures!)

Josh gambling (or trying...)

our suite at the Riviera
We planned a vacation with another couple, who couldn't come due to a deployment, so Josh and I ended up spending 4 nights in Las Vegas by ourselves. My parents came to visit and stayed with Ally while we were gone. Leaving her for the first time was one of the harder things I have done in my life (and remember, I completed a triathlon the day before).
We ended up having a great time, seeing lots of shows and basically being tourists for the week. With temps always above 100 and some days closer to 115, we were literally baking out on the strip during the day, but it was an experience to remember.
During one show, Josh was the audience "volunteer" on stage, and I wish I could have gotten it on camera! He was picked on quite a bit, since we ended up in the front row at most of the shows we attended. Luckily he is not fazed by crowds of people and was very gracious about being the brunt of jokes. Of course, I was laughing hysterically with my husband on stage holding a flower in his teeth.
Our time in Vegas was a lot of fun but also exhausting. We were both ready to come home and relax after our vacation, and see our darling daughter =)
We came home to a well-stocked kitchen, a clean house and a happy daughter, so no complaints about my houseguests/babysitters!

Triathlon 2010

Due to peer pressure, I began training for a Triathlon about 3 months ago. I like to keep in good shape but I haven't trained for anything since the 5K in high school. I began by moving my workouts from the gym to outside. Luckily, the weather here in ND is perfect for morning exercise; a little humidity and not much heat.

here is my little trainer

and me coming in for the final run!

Since I did most of my training either pushing a stroller or pulling a trailer, I did fairly well when it came to the final event, which consisted of a 400 meter swim, 12 mile bike and 5 kilometer run. I accomplished my goal which was to complete it without stopping.

The group of ladies at the top are all moms in my ward. We encouraged each other and talked up the race so much that others wanted to join too!