Sunday, January 24, 2010

Decade in Review

Misawa, Japan

I was a senior in high school, captain of the soccer team and the cross-country team, editor of the yearbook. I was on the class council, NHS and MUN. Attending early morning seminary plus refereeing soccer in my spare time. Somehow I found time to sleep, eat, and date boys! I really enjoyed living in Japan, going to the Festivals and eating yummy food.

Move to Utah

I started my first semester at BYU on a half-tuition scholarship. My job at Cinnabon helped me make lots of new friends. I started coaching the Spanish Fork HS soccer team and loved it! My first semester was a shock as I realised that everyone at school was intelligent and hard working so I needed to try and keep up. I enjoyed a week-long camping trip with friends that took us to every national park in Utah. I also spent time with grandparents who I didn't get to see much while I was growing up overseas.


Finished my first year at BYU and worked for the summer at a Japanese restaurant. My good friend Josh enlisted in the Air Force and began writing me often (sometimes daily). While he excelled in Basic Training, he missed his freedom, and especially me =). I was seriously dating an RM, but we separated just in time for Josh to come home on leave and propose! May I add that our first kiss was 2 days prior to the engagement, even though I'd known him since I was 14.
I caused a serious car crash, which resulted in 2 totaled cars and me being life-flighted with a collapsed lung. Due to the strength of the priesthood blessing I received, I was able to go home the next day with few complications.


We planned our wedding in West Jordan Utah. We had everything set when all *heck* broke loose. I went to Japan to visit my parents one more time before getting married. While I was overseas everything, and I mean everything went wrong with the wedding plans! The major things were the temple being closed and the chapel being double-booked. This was one month prior to the date so of course the invitations had already been sent out. Maybe I should have taken this as a warning, but we got married, civilly, on the date we had planned.

South Dakota

We started our married life together, got a dog and settled into the area. I got a good job as a teacher's assistant in a preschool, which allowed me to attend college while working full-time. Josh worked as a mechanic on the planes, which involved long hours on the flight line. He deployed for 3 months. I was called to be in the Primary Presidency. I felt a bit overwhelmed since I had no experience but ended up loving it! (this was part of my inspiration for becoming an elementary teacher)

South Dakota

Josh deployed for 4 months. We added another dog to our family, a husky. We kept my sister's dog for 6 weeks while she was deployed. I tore a muscle in my leg playing softball (and got hit with the bat...) which still bothers me sometimes. The funny part is that the doctor who examined me asked me lots of times if I was being abused by my husband! Josh didn't think that was so funny... Chopped off 8 inches of hair and wore it spiky!


Josh deployed for 5 months. I was called to be an early-morning seminary teacher. I ended up doing this for 3 years in a row. It was so good for me to get that dose of spiritual nourishment on a daily basis. We were sealed in the Jordan River temple for time and all eternity. We both continued taking college classes. I visited my parents in Japan before they moved. Since I needed more to do, I added a second job at Old Navy and enjoyed the discount =).

Josh deployed for 6 months. I commuted 60 miles each way to school in Spearfish, where I completed my classes towards an elementary education degree. I started a program at the local Youth Center teaching sports basics to 3-5 year olds. I had 4 wisdom teeth plus 2 baby teeth extracted, OUCH!

Graduation! Baby!

On our 5-year wedding anniversary, I found out that we were pregnant! At the time, I was student teaching in a second-grade classroom to finish my bachelor's degree. Josh and I were both so excited to find out it was a girl!

I graduated in May and Josh in June. Josh was accepted into OSI after a long and involved application process. Allison was born in October and we celebrated our first Christmas together as a family of 3!


Josh left for FLETC in Georgia for 4.5 months. Ally and I stayed in SD and I babysat a 2-year old a few days a week while her mom worked. I had a great gym partner who motivated me to work out 5 days a week and lose all the baby weight! We flew out for Josh's graduation and then enjoyed a cruise to the Bahamas, coming home just in time to pack up and move. Since this was our first move with the AF, we didn't know what to expect. Now I know not to look forward to our next move!

North Dakota

So far, lots of snow and cold. I look forward to our coming adventures.


For my birthday, I got a new pair of boots (I decided I needed more since I will be wearing boots half of the year) Ally got a pair too.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

gingerbread house demise

beginning with the frame
add a roof and some accessories

cover with candy

find a hammer

and pick up the pieces!