Friday, January 21, 2011


Snow, snow and more snow! Now, I am a fan of winter. I love winter sports, especially ice skating and snowboarding. I love the beauty that freshly fallen snow creates. I love playing in the snow and watching it fall. I even love a good day of being snowed-in.
Lately, however, I feel like I have had enough. The snow is still beautiful, but it just keeps falling! I am also beginning to feel vitamin D deprived from lack of sunshine. Last winter, I had no problem with going outside, to the gym, to the play area, or wherever. This year I just want to curl up in a blanket and read.
When we lived in SD, we would get a huge snowstorm...then all the snow would melt away. The first time it snowed here, I didn't even bother shoveling. I figured it would disappear in a few days. I bet that first snowfall is just the beginning layer to the massive piles that are now everywhere.
My favorite thing this year has been the snowblower. Whoever invented that wonderful device deserves a huge hug. Now, it's an older model and far from perfect, and leaves a rusty puddle in my garage, but man oh man can it clear my driveway!
Today I am also thankful for a sturdy snowshovel, boots, gloves, hat, scarf, facemask, goggles, snowpants and woolen socks!