Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Great News!

After 8+ years of living in the 'Dakotas' we have finally received word that the military is shipping us overseas! Germany to be exact. Since J was out of the area the day he found out (as he usually is when something momentous happens...) I heard the news over the phone. I literally spent the rest of the day smiling uncontrollably and blurting the news to anyone with whom I came in contact (sorry random teenager who bagged my groceries). The timing could not have been more perfect. As I huddled inside watching another ND blizzard, I could say "It's my last winter here!"
I spent 3 years of my childhood in Germany and remember fabulous food, people and traveling all over Europe. Not to mention the fabulous slopes where I first learned to ski! We cannot wait to experience more life outside the U.S.
In order to more fully appreciate the culture, we are planning to live off-base, and I have already spotted some GORGEOUS places for rent. The only problem looming in my otherwise beautiful horizon is how to move 2 large dogs overseas in the middle of the summer, and then find a place willing to rent to us, with them. Those dogs joined our family 7 and 8 years ago, so we will jump through the hoops required to keep them with us (although certain logistical aspects are daunting). Apparently dogs in Germany are literally treated as family members and taken into many stores and restaurants!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

new goals

Last year I participated in a great program offered by the base called Soar Into Shape. The program promotes healthy habits such as eating fruits and veggies, drinking water, and daily exercise. Following that 10 week program, I began training for a triathlon. Summer kept me pretty busy with all the outdoor activities. Then...winter set in, and I have been lazy, spending lots of time baking and eating.
This year I am again motivated and have started the SIS program again, with a definite goal in mind. I have been counting calories and working out, with the help of myfitnesspal.com =)
Despite not owning a scale, I think I am already starting to see results, with one week down and eight more to go. I am still baking, but my proceeds are heading to my husband's office instead of my waistline. I enjoy exercise and can't wait to move my workouts outside onto the great trails (and new outdoor track!).