Saturday, October 6, 2012

We have a 4-year-old in the house!

What can I say about my Ally?  I used to think that parents had a little more control over how their children turn out but she definitely has her own personality.
She likes pink but not girly things.  When she gets dressed in the morning, she likes to pick clothes that are all the same color, and soft.  She loves playing with cars and birds.  She loves her gymnastics class and Primary teacher.  She is a great big sister and can get Nicole to laugh anytime.  She still won't eat meat.  She is a total daddy's girl, so this year has been rough for her with him gone so long (he should be home in December).
I tried so hard to get her into a preschool here, with no luck.  She is way beyond kids her age academically, but needs more social interaction.  For example, she reads chapter books but is not very good at taking turns with other children.
She uses really big words, counts to 100, does simple math, writes her name, and can type out messages to her dad on my phone (such as I love you and Want to Skype?).
I started giving her chores; she puts away her laundry and sets the table.