Tuesday, February 28, 2012


For our 9-year anniversary (wow!), J and I took a trip to Rome.  We left Ally with family and spent a few days just wandering around, eating great food, and enjoying some time together before our latest addition to the family.  We stayed in a nice hotel and took the subway everywhere.  Rome has a great mix of old and new; modern buildings surrounding ancient roman architecture.  
 Here is the Trevi fountain

Me with my pregnant belly, waiting at our subway stop. 

J at the arch. 

 J at the Coliseum
 the inside of the Coliseum.  You can see where the animals and gladiators waited under the floor in the catacombs beneath.  

 fountains everywhere!

 The Vatican.  Carved figures of Saints all along a huge wall that surrounds the courtyard.


 the Tiber river.  I thought these bridges were awesome.
 our favorite castle.  We wandered out of the Vatican and to a cute little place along the river.  I don't even remember what it was called.

 view from the top of the castle

I always wanted to visit Pompeii, but it would have taken a whole day to travel there and back to Rome, so instead we chose to see Ostia Antica, which is supposed to be the 'mini Pompeii'.  It contained ruins of a village, and gave a glimpse of everyday life in ancient Rome.

I really enjoyed this tirp and was very grateful for family who kept Ally so we could enjoy some time together.  I was six months pregnant at the time, I think if I had been any further along we would not have enjoyed it as much.  I was exhausted by the end of each day from all the walking, but it was totally worth it!