Friday, September 17, 2010

potty training!

As you can see, Ally has been working on potty training recently. We are definitely not 100%, but the end is in sight! I am very excited not to buy diapers anymore =)

Especially with my husband gone right now, I have had my hands full. Let's just say that bedtime is my favorite time of day, since she is at least a consistent sleeper.

I honestly believe that I will not be one of those people that can have many children and be mentally stable. As wonderful as my daughter is, and as much as I LOVE being a mom, I have days that I just wonder how other people do it. I am beginning to feel that there are more members of my family that have not arrived yet (at least one) but I am looking forward to a large gap in age between Ally and the next one. I really feel that it has taken me two full years to recover, emotionally and physically, from being pregnant the first time. I am finally back to my normal self and my normal activities. While I am not "baby hungry" yet, I am definitely getting closer to the idea of having another one.

I grew up in a large family and always thought that I would have one too. I love children and have been involved with groups of them in every aspect of my life. From babysitting to coaching to my degree in Elementary Education, I really enjoy working with children. In church I have always a leader of the younger generation. While my public involvement has not changed, I do like to have my private home life under control. I don't think that I have a "difficult child" but I do think that my personality requires a certain lack of chaos for me to function correctly.

Despite my limitations, I am determined to be the best mom I can be for my child.