Wednesday, December 30, 2009

4 people, 3 shovels, and 2 hours

this is the walkway leading up to my front door

snow piled in the back of the truck (all I want for Christmas is a 2-car garage...!)

me, shoveling. It really took us 2 hours just to uncover the driveway enough to get out.

Well we definitely had a white Christmas! Two of my sisters and a niece flew out from Utah and were excited about the amount of snow to play in. I think we got over 2 feet in one day. Unfortunately it's cold, dry powder, so it's not much good for anything except shoveling =( Actually it would be perfect for snowboarding, if we had any hills around, not to mention mountains.
It has been fun having visitors, and it was nice to have extra help with the shoveling, but J and I both agree, it's time to have our house back!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A weird day

As the proprietor/engineer/leader of the ward book club, I encourage people to submit book ideas as well as attend the monthly meetings. This month I had lower attendance than usual, with an interesting newcomer. Let's just say there is a conflict of interest with my husband's job... This puts me in a strange position, since the person in question doesn't know what my husband does for a living.
Anyway, I am searching for a peaceful, tactful solution that doesn't involve me being questioned by the authorities. This poor girl didn't know what she was getting into by joining my club!