Thursday, September 24, 2009

Focus on the positive...

Why do we, as women, judge ourselves so harshly?

Why do we focus on the five pounds left to lose instead of the 35 already lost?

Why do we stress about the one room in the house that has not yet been cleaned?

Why do we feel guilty about the one night this week we had hot dogs for dinner?

Why do we look at others and compare ourselves to them, seeing only the good qualities we have not yet attained?

I think we are inherently predisposed to bettering ourselves. Unfortunately we go one step further, causing frustration and anxiety by focusing on what we have NOT done yet instead of our potential.

My goal this month is to focus on the positive! I will give myself kudos for what I accomplish and recognize the good in my life.

-I will be grateful for the new friends I have made instead of lamenting the ones left behind.

-I will appreciate the beautiful fall colors instead of concentrating on the imminent winter approaching.

-I will congratulate the successes of my daughter's development instead of the thoughts of a past career.

-I will take advantage of the opportunities I have to visit family instead of thinking about the distance between us.

-I will enjoy the challenge of a new calling and the opportunity to grow in an area outside my usual comfort.

-I will recognize my Savior's love and all the many blessings I have in my life.

This will be a great month!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Two looong trips

We traveled to Utah twice this month.

The first trip was planned in advance, for my little brother's wedding. He is now married to a wonderful sweet girl that is adjusting to being a Rollins (it's difficult, we are weird). We flew out for a weekend, attended the wedding, visited in-laws, and somehow also drove up to Boise for a day. First class on the way home, plus another adult to help with Ally made for a nice, if fast, trip. (my 5th trip since Ally was born, my 1st with Josh around)
Us at the temple

The next trip was less than 2 weeks after the first due to my grandfather's passing. He was 88 years old and just beginning to consider moving in with one of his children to be looked after. Since my grandmother preceeded him in death almost four years ago, it was not completely unexpected, but still sad. We drove the almost 20-hour trip in two days, mostly at night for Ally's benefit.

Here we are at a Splash Park in Utah (note the mountains in the background).

My yard in ND (pre-fence)

My yard (half of a fence). And still deer...

The day we left for Utah (the second time), we finished installing the fence to keep our dogs in and the deer out. I have to brag that I did 90% of the fence post installation while Josh was at work, although I needed help with the stretching.

I have been attempting to find my niche since we moved here in June. I feel that I am making progress with the neighbors and people in the ward, as well as other moms at the awesome playland and family area at the gym on base. I finally realised what I had been missing when a mom mentioned to me that her daughter needed a coach for her soccer team.

Ever since graduating from high school I have been coaching soccer, I even ran a program through the Youth Center at my last base for 3-5 year olds teaching the basics. Naturally I jumped at the chance and am now joyfully coaching a 4-year-old team. I love interacting with children and I love sports so a combination of the two is exactly what I needed to feel involved.