Saturday, May 29, 2010


Ally and I took a trip to Utah for my sister's wedding. While we were there we did some other fun things too.
Here is my cute sister, all ready to get married!

What someone did to their car...

Outside the temple, after being sealed for time and all eternity.

At the dinosaur museum. Ally enjoyed seeing all the exhibits, especially the big bones (she calls them di-so-saurs).
Ally with her cousin Leona. She acted like an older sister, showing Ally around.

Checking out the horses at grandparents house.

Of course we spent a day at the zoo. It was a little windy, but we appreciate any weather above 50 degrees so it was great. Here is a mother elephant with her baby in the background. Ally's favorite animals at the zoo were the tigers. Actually, her favorite was the random goose that flew in, but tigers were her favorite caged animal.
Now that we live twice as far away from family and make less trips, we have to cram in as many activities as possible while we are there.

miracles of life

A robin built it's nest along the fence in our backyard. Thankfully the dogs haven't bothered it so Ally and I were able to watch as four little birds emerged from the eggs. We check on them every morning as the mama bird chirps angrily at us from further down the fence line.

Here is my little munchkin who has discovered the fun part about Mom cooking.

Don't be jealous! This is just how cute she is =)