Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More about Allison

She is already a daddy's girl.
Here is my baby, sleeping (as usual). She really sleeps a lot and cries very little. I think I got lucky. We actually took her on a road trip last week, which went really well. She slept all day in her carseat with barely any complaint. Hopefully this continues when she is older.
I never knew motherhood would be so exhausting. I used to wonder what I would do with my day when I didn't have a "job". Nowadays I am proud of myself if I do one thing a day. Kudos to all those moms of multiple children out there. I am exhausted with one!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

She has arrived!

Ok, here is me about 12 hours before I delivered

Here is our little family. Josh is the cutest dad ever.

Here is Allison. She mostly eats, sleeps, and yawns (as pictured)

I was a little surprised, since I was technically due to deliver on the 16th, but I am definitely not arguing with her arrival. My water broke at 2:30 AM Tuesday and she was born at 8:30 AM. 8lbs 1oz 20.5 inches

She is my new favorite person in the world. More updates to follow...