Sunday, August 12, 2012

Vianen, Luxembourg

Despite the lack of baby passport, last weekend we decided to leave the country.  This isn't as big of a deal as it sounds, since most countries here have open borders.  We drove to Luxembourg to visit a castle:

Apparently there was a festival going on so we had to park pretty far away.  We rode a cable car (ski lift) up the mountain.
Cute little town of Vianen
The castle from above.

There were all sorts of vendors, many dressed in authentic clothing.  Lots of souvenirs to buy (we didn't) and lots of shows to watch, including jousting and hunting with birds.  Ally realized her lifetime dream of holding a bird (for a small fee).  The castle was very crowded and had a lot going on.  Very cool to see a medieval festival.  I though the little wooden swords for kids were very cute.

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