Monday, March 11, 2013

my husband's ridiculous metabolism

Ten months ago, I had a baby.  I spent my pregnancy vomiting daily and feeling basically awful.  As soon as I delivered Nicole, I felt like I had been cured from some life-threatening illness.  The doctors and nurses at the hospital kept commenting on how quickly I recovered and seemed fine almost immediately after giving birth.  My demeanor changed within days and I was back to my normal, happy self.  (I think I am really grouchy when pregnant but I don't really want an honest answer from my husband, so I don't ask...).

Six weeks post-partum, (ok fine five weeks), I decided that I was ready to get back to normal and start working out again.  Did I start out with something easy and work my way up?  No, I started with Insanity.  Insanity is a very (very) intense set of workout videos that literally melted the fat off my body and built muscles that I have not ever seen on myself before.  I completed the Insanity workout once with my sister over the summer (it's a nine-week program), then Jillian Michael's 30-day Shred (which was cake compared to Insanity), then I did Insanity again (much easier the second time around) before my husband came home from his deployment.  (Oh and did I mention that I was solo parenting the whole time?).

In the course of all this exercising (and eating healthy veggies from my garden), I got to the point that I was very happy with the way I looked, and actually needed to buy new clothes since I fit back into my high-school sized pants.  I got some great new jeans, boots (I love boots!) sweaters, etc.

Next, I decided to try a kick-boxing workout.  I purchased Les Mills Combat for myself for Christmas.  This is also a 90-day program and I am nearing the end.  These workouts have really changed the shape of my arms with all the punching, and improved my balance with the kicks.

I have gotten so many comments from people about how great I look, and two of them have purchased Insanity because of me!  I was recently asked to lead a group exercise for Relief Society activity despite my lack of leadership experience.

This year, I am growing a garden again and have made a habit of exercise so I don't even shower or get dressed until I have done my daily workout.

Now we come to the ridiculous metabolism of said husband.  While he was gone, I had nobody around to cook for, except my 4-year-old.  I had quit buying most of the pre-packaged foods that he enjoys.  He can eat basically anything and unless he eats every 3-4 hours, will LOSE weight.  I have had to re-learn how to say no to the late-night snacks and instead drink a glass of water while he enjoys his Oreos, Milka bar, bagel with cream cheese, or nachos.

Our older daughter seems to have inherited his metabolism also.  Good for her!

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